Custom Tracks

info about custom tracks.

GTF Examples from the specification page at Brent Lab:

Donna's examples:   1   2   2b   3   4
text:   1   2   2b   3   4

color 1  (text) -- use itemRgb=on in track line. item 9 in bed file is 255,255,255
color 2  (text) -- use itemRgb=on in track line. shades of blue.
color 3  (text) -- use itemRgb=on in track line. shades of blue, no chevrons. first item is same color as blue background bars.

Big Genes  (text) -- number of genes per chromBand that are > 200 kb (hg16)

hg16 genes Lost from KGI when KGII was built. (hg16 KG minus hg17 KG).
no overlap.  (text)

chrY AclI sites  (text).
chrY AclI frags  (text).
chrY BsaAI sites  (text).

Hiram's examples:

There is the all possible ASCII character test:

And the every type of data format test:

A moderately sized test of gzipped input:

Some kind of huge input test that evidently used to cause an error 500:

There are 16 million lines in that last one. It will probably still break everything.