name: hgNearTest
purpose: Test hgNear CGI script
example usage:
Weekly build:
hgNearTest log

New database:
Add the parameters 
  db=XXX -repeat=100 
to the command line where XXX is the new database name, 
something like say xenTro1.

parameters: URL - url of cgi to test
logfile - path to output logfile

-org=Human - Restrict to Human (or Mouse, Fruitfly, etc.)
-db=hg16 - Restrict to particular database
-search=gene - Use selected gene
-dataDir=dataDir - Use selected data dir, default /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/hgNearData
-repeat=N - Number of times to repeat test (on random genes)

description: Run weekly as part of regular build, and repeatedly for new assemblies.
Look for problems in the log file.
see also: